“We did a boat ride with 7 people on the Chapora River and we had the best evening ever. Pooja and Bipin are great hosts who know a tonne about the local wildlife. […] They anchored the boat and let us take a dip in the river followed by the most gorgeous sunset.
Definitely recommend them if you’re looking for an offbeat, sustainable eco-conscious way to explore the local sights in Goa.”

– Aashti

River Experience

November 2020

River Experiences

From a local jetty, enjoy a fun, relaxing boat ride along the mangrove-lined waterways of Goa’s main rivers. Spot aquatic birds along the way (and, maybe even a crocodile!), explore tidal islets, learn about mangrove ecosystems and catch an early morning sunrise or the colourful sunset over the Arabian Sea. Full moon boat ride options available, too! For the adventurous ones, we can also find a nice place to swim in the river!

Our experiences are 100% SAFE: Slow, Adventurous, Fun and Educational. Every experience is led by a professional Wilderness First Aid certified nature guide. COVID-19 precautions are in place to ensure walks are safe and comfortable for all. As a responsible tourism operator, we take things slowly and with care.

An egret in the mangrove forests, the guardians of our shore.


November to April


Chapora river and Chorão Island

Group Size

Minimum 5 - Maximum 8 riders. Prior booking required.


Throughout the week (as per availability)


Sunrise or Sunset

Boat Type

Local boat navigated by a local fisherman. The boat has a sunshade; no toilet on board


Guided boat ride exploring local flora and fauna, Wilderness First Aid certified guide (with First Aid kit), high-quality adventure equipment (binoculars and field guides), light on-board picnic (fresh and local!), and detailed packing list


Starting from ₹9500/- based on group size and adventure

Take a dip in the river with family or friends!

Mangrove-lined rivulets are great for exploring!

Spectacular sunsets (and sunrises!) and on-board views.