“The Khoj-aao! team is lovely. [They’re] engaging, knowledgeable and attentive.
We felt like we were in very safe hands and [they] made our experience relaxing and enjoyable. I’d highly recommend [Khoj-aao!] to take you on an outdoor adventure you’ll never forget”

Carlos Saba

Co-Founder Brighton, UK

February 2017-18

Corporate Team Sessions

Outdoor facilitated sessions I Open minds and hearts.

Specially designed programs to develop communication skills and channels, foster interpersonal relationships and build group rapport and cohesion to improve team-dynamics in an open, safe environment. We use experiential, out-of-the-box tools to facilitate interactive and dynamic group activity sessions striving towards specified company goals.

Curated offbeat experiences I Opportunities for learning.

Local, customised, unique experiences that offer participants the chance to learn a new skill outside the workplace. The small group atmosphere is great for promoting individual growth and creating new shared experiences. Join us to explore Goa’s rich biodiversity and culture on an outdoor adventure or a locally curated workshop – cooking seasonal traditional cuisine, bicycling through local Goan villages, and observing the sights and sounds of the Birds of Goa with our professional team of local partners.

Streamlined end to end logistics I Focus on the goal.

Our programs cover all the travel details – from the time you arrive here in Goa, till the time you depart. In addition to the facilitated sessions and curated experiences, we’ll share travel recommendations and local tips, and arrange amazing accommodation, safe and comfortable transportation and delicious, healthy food for your team.

The sessions are facilitated by trained experiential facilitators with years of practice in the global business arena.

Explore the outdoors as a team with a specially curated experience.

Have fun with team members from across the country and globe

Small group cooking sessions to learn about the local Goan cuisine.

Discover offbeat markets full of hidden surprises.

Sunset walks and views help bring the team together!

Curate an experience for your team– large or small!