“What a great camping adventure! Under the stars and by an open fire, how camping should be. Bipin and Pooja worked hard to make it an effortless and thoroughly enjoyable experience, from the delicious food cooked on the fire to the morning nature walk. Thanks guys!”

– Jacqui + family

Overnight Camping

December 2018

Overnight Camping

Camping is one of our favourite communal experiences– a chance to share with others, cook on the fire, sing songs, tell stories and to just ‘be’ in nature surrounded by wildlife, curiosity and adventure. Our campsite is safe, simple, natural, and comfortable. A short walk from Surla Village, up a hill and onto an open plateau, the campsite is surrounded by beautiful deciduous trees full of amazing biodiversity including an abundance of bird and mammal life.

There’s a lot to experience around the campsite in the evening, night and morning. At the heart of the campsite, we have a communal campfire space where we build an evening fire to stay warm and prepare our dinner. Everyone can choose a spot to pitch a tent and enjoy the night in the great outdoors. There is an eco-friendly, naturally-made, dry compost toilet that is clean and hygienic. In the morning, we take a short nature walk to the nearby stream, where we take a swim and re-energise for the day. After a delicious local breakfast at our community partner’s home, we say our farewell and head back home.

Our campsite is a great immersive exploratory environment for small groups, students, families, those new to camping and age-old nature lovers. It’s a great experience for a retreat or offbeat celebration. The campsite is a place for exploration, discovery and peaceful existence with nature. Guests are requested to limit the use of technology to emergencies only. As the site has no mobile reception, it’s the perfect excuse to remain off the grid during the camping experience. In the outdoors, it’s a great experience to listen and observe the sounds of nature. We ask that campers respect the quiet surroundings

Our experiences are 100% SAFE: Scenic, Adventurous, Fun and Educational. Every experience is led by a professional Wilderness First Aid certified nature guide. COVID-19 precautions are in place to ensure walks are safe and comfortable for all. As a responsible tourism operator, we take things slowly and with care.

Enjoy a refreshing morning swim at the nearby river.


December to April


Surla, Mollem

Group Size

Private groups only with prior booking.


Throughout the week (as per availability)


Day 1 meet at 4:30 pm, Day 2 depart at 10:30 am

Trail Type

Night walk, early morning birding walk and morning walking to the stream


Camping experience, Camping equipment (tents, mats, sleeping bag), meals (evening snack, dinner, morning tea/coffee, breakfast), extra drinking water, Wilderness First Aid certified nature guide (w/medical kit), high-quality adventure equipment (binoculars, field guides, magnifying glasses!), night walk, morning bird-watching walk, swim in a nearby river and detailed packing and attire recommendations.


₹3500/- per adult and kids 13+ / ₹2500/- per child aged 5-12. Special group pricing for 2+ campers.

Learn to set-up a tent!

Gather round the campfire at night for food, stories and fun.

Scenic views all around the campsite.



4:30 pm: Meet in Surla village, Mollem (Parking available)

5:00 pm: Introduction and walk to the campsite (10 min walk)

5:15 pm – 6:00 pm: Briefing & orientation, tent set-up, and relax.

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm: Evening birding, sunset and fire set-up

7:30 pm – 8:00 pm: Dinner

8:00 pm – 10:00 pm: Hang out by the campfire, night walk.

10:00 pm – 7:00 am: Sleep

7:00 am – 7:30 am: Wake up and get fresh!

7:30 am – 8:00 am: Tea/coffee and packing up

8:00 am – 10:00 am: Nature walk to a nearby stream and swim

10:00 am – 11:00 am: Breakfast at local village house

11:00 am: Goodbyes and departure 

Timings are a bit flexible in nature on an adventure–– like a river, let’s go with the flow!


What should I bring?
Check out the packing list we’ve created. Remember, less is more! All you really need are the basics, and your sense of adventure!

Are there bugs?
We’ll be in the forest, of course there are bugs, and lots of other wildlife, too. Camping is a chance to visit the home of all the forest dwellers so we need to respect all the creatures around! To minimise your interaction (and bites!) from insects, please follow our attire and packing recommendations.

What do we do around the campfire?
Sitting around the campfire is a great way to relax, spend a peaceful evening, gaze up at the moon and stars and chill. For adults, feel free to BYOB in a responsible and respectful way. We have coolers to help keep beverages cold and also are more than happy to make warm tea concoction. It’s also a fun opportunity to interact with like-minded people in a different atmosphere. Bring a joke, scary story or riddle! If you play an acoustic instrument or like to sing, feel free to invite the group into a small jam session.

What if I hear an animal sound?
Listen closely! Trying to guess what an animal it could be! If you have a recording device, record it! There are small animals that live in and around like porcupines, boar, deer, hare, etc. and often they are nocturnal. If you hear a noise while in your tent, try not to panic! You can switch on your torch to let the animal know someone is there. They will be more scared of you than you are of it, trust us!

What if I have to go to the toilet?
Well, we’ll be out for almost 24 hours, so we do hope you have to use the toilet! We’ve built a dry compost natural toilet on the campsite, which is great for privacy and so you do not have to dig your own hole. In case you have to go #1, you can find a spot away from the campsite, as well.

I brought lots of snacks, where should I keep them?
Well, as we will be in the wild, it is better to keep food and crumbs to a minimum to not attract unwanted creatures. If you have any food items, we recommend putting them in an airtight container, or, we can help store them overnight so you don’t have to leave anything open in your tent. 

I want to come but no one else I know does. What do I do?
Come join us! If there’s only one of you, then there’s more room in your tent 🙂 Camping is a communal activity — from chores around the campsite to exploring the area around, it’s a great place to spend some solo time or meet new friends.

Morning nature walk to the stream

Swim in a beautiful clear stream…
with fish!

Naturally-built eco-toilet for added comfort and hygiene