“My family and I travelled to the Andaman Islands in December 2019. The itinerary guidance from Khoj-aao! helped immensely and allowed us to have a fulfilling trip. We visited the museum and the offbeat places in Port Blair before sailing to Havelock for a leisurely stay. Pooja’s suggestions for the right places to stay and visit made our trip memorable and fun.”

Ambica & family

A&N Curated Itinerary

December, 2019

Andaman & Nicobar Island Adventures

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are our home away from. More than 1200 km off the coast of mainland India, the Andaman archipelago is an amazing adventure. We carefully design itineraries allowing for flexibility for weather, interest and wildlife to maximise fun, relaxation and enjoyment along the journey. With over a dozen years of experience in the area, we can assure that your trip will be offbeat and memorable.

Our curated and guided archipelago adventures explore the magic of the A&N Islands– underwater in the turquoise Andaman Sea, through the thick green forests and atop the peaks of this stunning archipelago– from your arrival by flight into Port Blair until your departure, we’ve got it all covered. Discover SCUBA diving with PADI-certified professionals and learn about marine ecology and coral reef conservation. Trek through Saddle Peak National Park up to the archipelago’s highest peak for an unforgettable view. Explore the scenic Andaman Trunk Road, from the white sand beaches of South Andaman to the black sand beaches of North Andaman. Spot endemic species of reptiles, butterflies, flowering plants and birds along beautiful nature trails in National Parks and Forest Reserves. Witness breathtaking island sunrises, colourful sunsets and the rising Full Moon during your trip. Join us and explore the remote areas of the Andaman & Nicobar islands on your own.

From the tip of South Andaman to the top of North Andaman, adventure to off-beat locations, beautiful beaches along stretches of unimaginable coastlines, and untouched forests. We offer eco-friendly travel to show support for local community projects and enjoy fresh, local cuisine. We have carefully selected accommodation and transportation for comfort and safety. Our itineraries are curated with great care to focus on exploration, adventure, and fun!

Using binoculars to explore the birds of Goa.

Explore coral reef systems and marine life

Traveling by ferry to islands in the archipelago.

Hermit crabs on the beach in Havelock

A Stork-billed kingfisher in front of a waxing moon.

Fringe forest walks are great to explore intertidal ecosystems.