“We get our trip recommendations from Pooja and Bipin at Khoj-aao! whenever we travel to Goa. They’re always very conscientious about creating customised itineraries that work for each member of our family by taking our ages and interests into account, and i’ve always appreciated this extra effort and thought that they put into all their planning. Their recommendations tend to be off the beaten path, away from the crowds and always include great local foodnature experiences that fit our preferences.”

– Namrata & family

Curated Itinerary (Goa)

January 2021

Offbeat Curated Itineraries

Travelling to Goa?  We are here to help.  We curate offbeat itineraries for travellers, small groups and families. Enjoy half-day, full-day or multi-day experiences across North Goa and South Goa. Our curated itineraries are offbeat, local and a great chance to explore the greener (and bluer!) side of this beautiful state of Goa. 

As part of our curated itineraries and travel advising services, we provide bespoke recommendations prior to your trip. We share recommended offbeat stays, awesome experiences for all ages, and dining recommendations for the best local snacks and restaurants in the area. Our partners are vetted to ensure our curated itineraries are safe, eco-responsible and thoughtfully designed based on group interests and the time of year. 


Stay in a treehouse, at an organic spice farm or in one of Goa’s beautiful jungles! There are a myriad of stays immersed in nature that are eco-friendly and comfortable– a perfect combination.


Explore one of Goa’s 5 Wildlife Sanctuaries, Mollem National Park or Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. Take a nature trail with your group, kayak in the mangroves, or explore villages by bicycle. Visit the Mapusa market and learn about local snacks and traditional ingredients.


Try the delicious local and seasonal Goan snacks or enjoy a meal at one of the many International restaurants across Goa.  Have a traditional fish (or vegetarian) thali or dinner and drinks with a view! We also arrange nature picnics in beautiful offbeat spaces away from the crowds.

From a short visit to longer stays, we curate itineraries to let everyone enjoy their holiday. Get in touch for more details!

Explore Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary on land or in the water!

Visit ancient ruins amidst Goa’s amazing Wildlife Sanctuaries.

Enjoy a bicycle ride with your group in the villages of Goa.

Kayak through the beautiful mangroves of Goa’s rivers and backwaters.

Enjoy nature picnics at offbeat places across North Goa and South Goa.

Shop and eat like a local as you wind your way through the historic Mapusa market.