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About Khoj-aao!

Khoj-aao! Adventures is a social enterprise dedicated to discovering the wonders of the outdoors. 

As seasoned adventurers, nature enthusiasts, and passionate beings, we promote the exploration of backyard biodiversity (flora, fauna and funga) through thoughtfully curated outdoor experiences for explorers of all ages. Our aim is to learn more about our environment so we can all thrive sustainably and appreciate its interconnectedness.


Khoj-aao! curates offbeat, unique experiences for nature lovers and adventurers. We carefully design half-day, full-day, overnight and multi-day experiences across Goa and the A&N Islands that are great for nature lovers of all ages. All of our experiences are environmentally and socially conscious, engage local communities and support both local and global conservation efforts. From bird-watching in Goa and to sunset hikes and overnight camping trips under the stars, come explore the greener, local side of Goa.

Our guides are fun, professional, knowledgeable and Wilderness First Aid certified. We provide local, fresh & healthy refreshments and high-quality adventure equipment on all of our experiences. Khoj-aao! Experiences are 100% SAFE– Slow, Adventurous, Fun and Educational– and, they are great for students, schools, corporate groups, travellers, families and young learners. Literally, ‘khoj’ comes from the Hindi word meaning ‘to look for’ and ‘aao’ translates as ‘to come’. Together, ‘khojaao’ means ‘to get lost’ or ‘wander’ and all of this is what we do.

Khoj-aao! in the wonders of the natural world – you’ll be glad you did.

What We Do

Our nature experiences are thoughtfully curated for explorers of all ages.

Safety is our priority. All of our guides are Wilderness First Aid certified, Child Safe and carry a First Aid kit on adventures.



We aim for minimal waste, organise clean-ups, and practice the 7 principles of Leave No Trace on all adventures.

We collaborate with and support local community organisations. Our local community partners help make our experiences unique.



We are passionate about environmental education and participate in local and global conservation efforts and citizen science.

From village bicycle rides and visits to Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary to offbeat celebrations and travel, we’d love to help you plan a memorable nature experience!

Let's explore, learn and chill in nature.

Who We Are

We love what we do.

Our International team is highly-trained, professional and passionate about nature.

We partner with collaborators from around the globe are knowledgeable and passionate about nature. Our community partners are local, reliable and vetted.

Meet Bipin

An avid birder and seasoned adventurer, Bipin has spent more than 20 years discovering offbeat, untouched places and routes across Goa. Bipin is passionate about slow travel and working with local communities. Bipin completed a Basic Course in Ornithology with the Bombay Natural History Society in 2018-2019 and updated his Wilderness First Aid certification in 2022 with NOLS. He speaks Konkani, Marathi, Hindi and English. He loves being outdoors, cooking atop an open fire and observing creatures in their natural habitat.

Meet Pooja

As a professional SCUBA diver and trained experiential facilitator, Pooja has been working in outdoor education for almost a decade. She loves exploring and traveling across the world– from the Americas, across Asia and Africa, she made India her home in 2008. Pooja completed a Tropical Wildlife Field Course conducted by the Centre for Wildlife Studies in 2019. She updated her Wilderness First Aid training in 2022 with NOLS and became a  Level 2 Leave No Trace trainer this year, too! She speaks Spanish, Hindi, English and is learning Konkani. She loves looking at the night sky and swimming in rivers. She loves funga, waste management, and swimming in rivers.

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    Khoj-aao! Adventures is a social enterprise dedicated to discovering the wonders of the outdoors. As seasoned adventurers, nature enthusiasts, and passionate beings, we promote the exploration of backyard biodiversity through thoughtfully curated outdoor experiences.